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Fathers day food fun

The summer has finally begun, and it’s about that time when we start to doing loads of fun stuff. Crazy cooking, movie making, community art, and all that jazz. So lets … Continue reading

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19th century interpretation of the 7 trumpets in Revelation


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End of Age (Part One)

As we near to the end of time, I decided to research what Ellen G white says about earths last crises and how Gods people should be in these last … Continue reading

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Destroying Your Witness Part Two

Taken from creeping Compromise Every lady who enters the remnant church passes through the throes of decision over makeup and jewellery. It is not easy to change the customs of … Continue reading

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Destroying Your Witness, Part One (Erainasays)

This article is taken from Creeping Compromise Suppose some giant computer could make a faithful record of all our thoughts as well as our words. Would we be pleased to … Continue reading

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Baptist Pastor understands Sabbath

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Music And Moods, Part One

This article is taken from Creeping Compromise- present truth by Joe Crews Subtle psycho-logical effect of music on the brain and the body No study of Christian standards would be … Continue reading

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Loving unconditionally

Loving unconditionally and being a good person, is a difficult one. But by keeping Christ commands (Abiding in Him) It is possible. We are fit to be His disciples. We also … Continue reading

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Poem: The Bible to me (Erainasays)

The bible to me is not just words on a paper ,not just words to express on a letter Its not just visions expressed by some, or another perspective or … Continue reading

August 1, 2014 · 1 Comment

Painting the white wall, Um… White??

If you are familiar with the area of Edgbaston, you will know at least two things. Firstly, the area is affluent, and secondly, that e very building has been painted white. … Continue reading

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The Responsibility Foil – KeiranSays

To be honest I’ve never been one for dropping litter. Since the day my Mum scolded my tiny hands for doing so, these words of wisdom and environmental care have … Continue reading

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Breaking Rules in the Park – KeiranSays (July 15)

Off we went to visit (and obviously feed) the horses. But to my dismay, I was told “Nay”. Why have they put up a sign prohibitting the feeding horses; Obviously thats why … Continue reading

July 15, 2014 · 1 Comment

Really Living – ErainaSays (June 25)

When I went away on Holiday two weeks ago, I thought I would be relaxing and constantly doing the things I enjoy; something was still missing, I needed…

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Thousands of Muslims See Jesus In Dreams and Visions

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Carlton leads Life Group – KeiranSays (Jan 17)

Carlton led us into a presentation on the life and calling of the prophet Hosea and who displayed a serious act of unconditional Agape love to His unfaithful wife, to represent how God sees and loves us

January 17, 2014 · 1 Comment

What exactly is a Life Group?

From the beginning of this year (2014), me and my wife have been quite heavily involved in developing Life Groups in Birmingham, UK. Here’s a short video of what a … Continue reading

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Chunk 01.

A short video on how God has loved graciously despite we have taken a chunk out Him:..

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Why did Prophet Jesus receive worship?

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What made David become a Christian

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Does the world NEED religion to teach us morality?

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The contamination of Gospel music.

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New update for sunday law

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