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Simone is born – Again! (KeiranSays)

Ok, so today our friend Simone is getting Baptised. It marks the start of her life in Christ officially. I distinctly remember when Michael Dantzie was sharing his testimony at … Continue reading

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Our daughter prays

I love Abielles adorable prayer!. So cute! Heres the powerful scripture: ‘Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour … Continue reading

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Painting the white wall, Um… White??

If you are familiar with the area of Edgbaston, you will know at least two things. Firstly, the area is affluent, and secondly, that e very building has been painted white. … Continue reading

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The Responsibility Foil – KeiranSays

To be honest I’ve never been one for dropping litter. Since the day my Mum scolded my tiny hands for doing so, these words of wisdom and environmental care have … Continue reading

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Breaking Rules in the Park – KeiranSays (July 15)

Off we went to visit (and obviously feed) the horses. But to my dismay, I was told “Nay”. Why have they put up a sign prohibitting the feeding horses; Obviously thats why … Continue reading

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Keiran’s spiritual renewal – Start of the Journey

Start of new things, exited! Please keep me and Eraina in your prayers – Thanks.

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Singing LIVE at the I.Q Exhibition Birmingham

Ok, so this week end just gone saw the marking of a well executed art exhibition directed by Daniel Blyden. I have to say it was very

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Day 8: 120kph feeling nervous if we miss our plane – KeiranSays (June 17)

120Kpm, Eraina wasnt rampin, Bwoy! Bag not fully packed cos we bought and made extra food for the journey. Dont even feel hungry thogh Just bare nervous that we dont … Continue reading

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Day 7: Bumping into the Fernandes’ a 2nd time – KeiranSays (June 16)

The perks of Self Catering at the Lindomar Apartments! Fresh Produce – Fresh local tomato tastes different, SO MUCH NICER! Wish we could eat such good tasting food like this … Continue reading

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Day 6: Our sand fight: picture gallery – KeiranSays (June 15)

Today was amazing! After feeling renewed spiritually, We started off the day speaking to my Mum, Dad, and of course our beautiful daughters. It was such a nice experience seeing … Continue reading

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Day 5: Our awesome experience of the Adventist church in Lagoa – Keiran & ErainaSays (June 14)

This video is about Eraina & Keiran’s experience of the Adventist church in Lagoa, Portugal and the wonderful people they met. Thank God! It was a real adventure just getting … Continue reading

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Day 4: God speaks, No More fish – KeiranSays (June 13)

Following on from yesterdays experience at the water-park when the car wouldn’t start, we had a few hiccups today too. Originally, I had left England with the idea in my head … Continue reading

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Day 3: Water Park Fun – KeiranSays

After a couple days letting our hair down and enjoying ourselves we arranged to go to one of the local water attractions. We had to chose between two local water parks or … Continue reading

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Portugal Day 1: What a crazy journey – KeiranSays (June 10)

What a Palava. Came off wrong junction in Bristol, No carpark shuttle service, Stopped at security at 6:44am, Boarding gate 11 closes at 6:55am!), OMD, it was madness. Thank God … Continue reading

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Carlton leads Life Group – KeiranSays (Jan 17)

Carlton led us into a presentation on the life and calling of the prophet Hosea and who displayed a serious act of unconditional Agape love to His unfaithful wife, to represent how God sees and loves us

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What I am thankful to God for in 2013 – KeiranSays (Dec 21)

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Chunk 01.

A short video on how God has loved graciously despite we have taken a chunk out Him:..

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Earlier this year i sat down to write about Gods love but found it difficult, You see i knew i could not possibly, accurately, explain everything in just a simple … Continue reading

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Gods Love

Nowadays. it seems there is very little tolerance for God to be openly spoken about. However, to many, ‘God’ is still a sure reality. I’ve often wondered how it is … Continue reading

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Real Worship

I often cringe when I hear the word ” worship” used incorrectly. Many people think that ‘worship’ is the action of bowing to a ‘god’ or singing religious songs, but … Continue reading

December 20, 2012

Daniel Blyden’s thoughts on the Afterlife and Heaven

Revelation 21:1-2 1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. 2 And … Continue reading

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Daniel Blyden – Entertainment

. . “Does ‘entertainment’ have a place in God’s kingdom?” “Everything has a ‘Time and Place’… so where does Entertainment fit in?” Personally, I love a bit of entertainment especially … Continue reading

September 22, 2011

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Keiran & Eraina attends the Community of Hope Seventh day Adventist church most Sabbaths (Saturday) unless we have been asked to do something at another church. We would love you to join us anytime:
9:45am Sabbath school
11:30am - Main service
1:45pm - Lunch/soup provided &; friendship.
4:00pm - Afternoon programme

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