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Big Question: Christian Entertainment? 09.09



Does ‘entertainment’ have a place in God’s kingdom?”


“Everything has a ‘Time and Place’… so where does Entertainment fit in?”


Personally, I love a bit of entertainment especially in a social setting involving those I know and love. My discipline is in an industry where the majority of its purpose is built on an obsession with being entertained therefore I understand how our lives can be saturated by entertainment and ‘having fun’ from a very small age. It is a major part of our contemporary culture.

In Christian circles there is always much debate about entertainment.Many use entertainment to escape the demands of life with its stresses, traumas and anxieties. However, some Christians brand theatricals, music and dramas as the devil’s tools distracting us from doing God’s work. Others claim entertainments can be used to glorify God, even spreading the gospel. And still, others believe that secular entertainment is fine, as long as it’s of clean content. 

But what does God really think about entertainment? Is there a right time a place or context for entertainment? If so, where and when is it?  What type of entertainment is suitable for the Christian?


*For the purpose of this debate, I will include a dictionary definition of the word entertainment.
1.The act of entertaining; agreeable occupation for the mind;diversion;  
amusement: Solving the daily crossword puzzle is an entertainment for many.
2.Something affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement, esp.a performance
of some kind: The highlight of the ball was an elaborate entertainment.
3.Hospitable provision for the needs and wants of guests.
4.A divertingly adventurous, comic, or picaresque novel.
5.Obsolete . maintenance in service.

19 comments on “Big Question: Christian Entertainment? 09.09

  1. Anonymous
    September 17, 2010

    Visit and check out our sermon streams and newsletters as well as podcasts and then you will realise we have no time for worldly entertainment. No time to fulfill the lusts of the flesh as Paul tells us but we must preach in and out of season in love as did our Lord Jesus Christ.


  2. Ayden
    September 20, 2010

    Please don’t take this the wrong way… GOD is a show-off. He created this magnificent world in less than a week to bring glory to Himself. Man, created in His own image, was to regard the splendor of GOD’s creation and marvel at the greatness of the Creator.

    And GOD, the all powerful, could have hatched a plan to save the nation of Israel with ‘minimal fuss’. However, He instead sent a series of bizarre and terrible plagues, followed by a dramatic getaway through the middle of the sea. At Mt Sinai, GOD put on a display so awesome (and indeed, awful) that the nation of Israel begged Moses to deal with GOD personally.

    Throughout the Old Testament, we see a whole host of examples where GOD was happy to show the world what He was/is capable of (Jericho, Gideon, Samson, David & Goliath, and my personal favourite, the choir leading the army, just to name a few). Due to their ‘entertaining’ content, all these stories make excellent reading – more movies have been made and more songs written about stories of the Bible than any other book. But they also show a glimpse of how powerful GOD is.

    Christ did the same thing. Although he came and lived on Earth with all humility, he literally wowed the crowds with His miracles and His wisdom. Jesus Himself said that this was to bring Glory to GOD, and to aid the faith of those who witnessed them.

    Finally, the future return of Christ has been described as a ‘great and terrible day’, where every eye shall see Him (so you don’t need to worry about missing out – just make sure you’ve got your VIP ticket to go backstage after the event – tickets are free – just ask Jesus Christ!). I would hazard a guess and say that it could be the greatest show the world has ever, and maybe will ever see. And paradise?!? Oh dear, ‘eyes have not heard, and ears have not seen what GOD has prepared for us’ there!! GOD doesn’t do things by halves. He has no budget constraints. He knows how to grab attention, much more than Satan does. ‘Entertainment’, if and when used for the purpose of GOD, is not something that will go down quietly. If blessed by GOD, it can literally save lives.


  3. Thando
    September 21, 2010

    I do see where you are going but I am almost certain that I have taken it the wrong way or may be the right way.
    Consider a vessel given a gift of music and they use so well to bring glory to God. Furthermore, one who has a gift of preaching and preaches that many are turned to God. I conclude that’s not showing off. In addition to this God is God and he is not bound by the physics of the world so the simple things he does like let there be light are amazing feats to us. They in themselves become great shows. When I play with my nephew there are things I naturally do that leave him astounded not because I am showing off but because according to the riches of my repertoire such and such I can do.
    God has done things that do not bring glory to him and justifiably so he’s God however, above all he does things so people will know that he loves them. He emptied heaven of all its glory for humanity’s redemption. I am persuaded that there is nothing done under the sun that is not meant to bring at least one soul to the pure knowledge of God.
    God doesn’t show off, he saves his people. If it means taking you from prince to shepherd to work humility in you then he will.


  4. Jonathan
    November 21, 2010

    I believe that our entertainment should be based on the principle on Phil 4:8 at all times


  5. Eraina Mckenzie
    December 20, 2012

    I believe that we have to be very careful, watch and pray. And when we do this, also be confident and believe that God almighty will lead us into the right direction

    Proverbs 20:24
    A person’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way?

    Keep in mind ……

    Intense worldliness has been one of Satan’s most successful temptations. He designs to keep the hearts and minds of men so engrossed with worldly attractions that there will be no room for heavenly things. He controls their minds in their love of the world. Earthly things eclipse the heavenly, and put the Lord out of their sight and understanding. . . . ”

    But also

    Psalms 16:11
    11 Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.
    And Matthew 6:33- seek ye first the kingdom of God, and ALL will be added unto you…


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