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Music and Moods Part two (ErainaSays)

In part one we looked at the summary of the subtle psycho-logical effect of music on the brain and the body, so now we are better able to understand how the rhythm and beat of modem rock music has created so much moral havoc among the young. The incessant themes of illicit sex, drugs, and rebellion have been dinned into the brain, creating an emotional attitude of acceptance toward these aberrations of conduct. images-14

By operating through the thalamus, Satan by passes the mental and spiritual barricades of intelligent reason, and enters the citadel of the mind—the great control centre of all human decisions and action.There, in the mind, Satan has the equipment to translate sensual musical impressions into physical action. Through the telegraphic network of nerves reaching every part of the body, he can communicate the appropriate commands to act in accordance with the emotional stimuli of the music.

It has been no secret that some of the most popular rock-and-roll musicians are not only tied in with drugs but also with spiritualism. Bob Larson has documented the confession of some such performers that their success has been guaranteed by a covenant with Sa- tan. This means that Satan is controlling the production of the music as well as the man- ner of its communicating with the listener. No great wonder then, that many rock-and-roll concerts have turned into orgies of obscenity, where both performers and listeners are virtually emotional pawns of satanic control.

images-13Another series of experiments on students proved that not only the working capacity changes under the influence of music, but also the pulse and blood pressure.” Music Journal XXVll: 18 (Nov., 1970).Although man has an inherent affinity for certain rhythms, there are some broken-meter, harmonic dissonances in the melodic line which are completely out of harmony with natural body rhythms. Such is the typical, insistent tempo of rock-and-roll music. Alice English Monsarrat in an article entitled Music—Soothing, Sedative or Sav- age, wrote, “A broken meter in the treble, played over an insistently regular beat in the left hand with gradually increasing rapidity almost to the point of frenzy … is capable of producing the identical disintegrating and almost hysterical effect on an organism; as if a person would try to rush madly in two directions at the same time. Any psychiatrist knows that it is precisely this two-directional pull of conflicting drives of emotions that is helping to fill our mental hospitals with bro- ken wrecks of humanity.”

What Ms. Monsarrat is really saying is that to maintain a sense of well-being and integra- tion, people must not be subjected too much to rhythms not in accord with one’s natural body rhythms. If the truth were fully known, a vast proportion of the present teen-age rest- less rebellion might be traced to this constant exposure to incompatible rhythms. images-12

The strategy of exploiting the sensual appetites is not a new approach for Satan. He has experimented with teenage emotions for almost 6,000 years and is well acquainted with their vulnerability. He has been delighted to manipulate the lives of unconverted young people through music, but he is even more delighted when he can intrude his mind- bending, hypnotic music into the church. By his age-old program of gradualism, he has managed to break down the fine sense of discrimination and to reproduce the same erotic musical beat in some Seventh-day Adventist churches. What a triumph for the devil when he manages to compromise the high standards of the lastday church!

Any mingling of spiritual and carnal brings a reproach upon the people who are chosen to proclaim God’s last warning message.
The only correct attitude for those who are called out of Babylon and the world is to close every door to the deceptive musical snares of our great spiritual enemy. There can be no compromise with the degrading music forms which have been Satan’s tools of corrupting and destroying. We are reminded of Christ’s words, “For that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.” Luke 16:15. In the light of this statement we should be even more guarded against music which has become so intensely popular with the world. Only a deep heart experience of love for Christ will empower our young people to take an unreserved stand against this “highly esteemed” deceptive instrument of Satan.


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