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Simone is born – Again! (KeiranSays)

Ok, so today our friend Simone is getting Baptised. It marks the start of her life in Christ officially. I distinctly remember when Michael Dantzie was sharing his testimony at CampHill, and said that all too often people are quick to say, “Ooo be careful now, cos the Devil’s gonna be on your back now”, forgetting that at this time, the individual being baptised actually needs to be told the opposite, that they are receiving God’s power guidance and protection like never before. If any thing the Devil should run a mile!

‘Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.’ James 4:7

I was able to share this encouragement with Simone (and a few others wishing to be baptised) just last week Friday at our LifeGroup. There is another verse (1 John 4:4), that says ‘greater is he [God] that is in you, than he [the devil] that is in the world.’ These encouragements help us as we draw nearer to God. ‘Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.’ James 4:8 and ‘If God be for us, who can be against us?’ Romans 8:31

Leon and Tia listen to Simone say "I do" to Jesus

May the Lord richly bless their family and do likewise to all who follow them in dedicating their life to Him.

Before we got the baptism, we visited Community of Hope (our church) in the morning where Sister Greenaway preached. I was able to plan our Summer Youth Mentor programme with Sukhy. It was our dear sister Catherine surprise birthday today and so we stayed, and celebrated it with her. The food was nice – See pic.

Then we zoomed across to Erdington to see friends, Jay, Michael, Tyrone and others. There was quite a lot of people there cos Dean Cullinane had been preaching in the morning. After travelling back to Handsworth with Tony and Melissa, we fellowshiped with friends and waited for the baptism. You can catch a feel of the pleasant atmosphere from the video above. Heaven was certainly rejoicing. The Pastors words were encouraging, and His following sermon was on Point. In a nutshell, it was that we remain saved only through Jesus, and that we grow spiritually by regular prayer, regular bible study, and regular outreach/witnessing.

Above is a pic of Leon Tia and Simone stepping forward in Faith together and below is the actual Baptismal video (my battery died right near the end).

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