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Day 7: Bumping into the Fernandes’ a 2nd time – KeiranSays (June 16)

The perks of Self Catering at the Lindomar Apartments!

Fresh Produce – Fresh local tomato tastes different, SO MUCH NICER! Wish we could eat such good tasting food like this back home, And the bread! Mmmmmm – the fresh bread. Go Self Catering all the way! Thank you God, I’m looking forward to Heaven. I recorded this on our final day.

9589641The apartments were great, they were very spacious . The underground parking was useful secure and safe. The location was right by the beach and we could see a small amount of the sea from our balcony, it was beautiful.

The owner was ver helpful (She lent us her iron, parasol free of charge and was always ready to give advice and recommendations. She helped make our stay more comfortable. For this reason, when we left, we wrote a note to her thanking her for her hospitality and directing her to Eraina’s Blog

Bumping into the Fernandes;

Today was a day where we were like what haven’t we done yet that we want to still do before leave. Because this was our focus, it meant we were quite busy.


We had planned to try the recommended indian restaurant, but like previous days, we just weren’t feeling it for lunch. We both put it off till later. when later came neither of us really wanted to have an indian meal. I was saying, if you want to Eraina, then I’ll come but I’m not really feeling it you know. If it was left to me I don’t think I would have gone, but in the end Eraina said “come on then let’s go”, and off we went! I am so glad we did, because on the way we bumped into the Fernandes family that we had met at church. Like many other families with young children, they were out at 10pm supervising their children at the very busy p[lay area. (Ayden my older brother explained during a FaceTime call that they sleep in the day called a siesta and then when it is cooler, they play later).

We were talking with their family again a long time getting to them and sharing what we do. It was great fun. Several times they said sorry for holding us back from our meal, but not being that keen on the Indian anyway, we are more interested in socializing with Paulo and Maria. We both laughed when we saw their youngest daughter acting the same as our youngest, Amber. (made me miss Amber more). Before parting, we discussed coming back (with girls next time) and staying with them. What a truly lovely and hospitable family. We exchanged details, and will keep in touch. Above is a picture that Paulo asked a passer-by to take of us all.

We then went on to really enjoy the indian restaurant. They had a special decorated unit for customers to wash their hands, now that’s got to be a first. The food was nice too.


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