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Day 5: Our awesome experience of the Adventist church in Lagoa – Keiran & ErainaSays (June 14)

This video is about Eraina & Keiran’s experience of the Adventist church in Lagoa, Portugal and the wonderful people they met. Thank God!

IMG_2177IMG_2176It was a real adventure just getting there. Using the Hotel Wifi we took screenshots of the 6-mile journey to Lagoa. Our 3G on all mobile devices wouldn’t work here in Portugal and this is the point when you realize how dependent you have become on GPS map apps. To be extra sure that we will arrive at the correct place, I double checked on the Portuguese Seventh Day Adventist web page for the address of the the church and then took a screenshot of the satellite Ariel view on Google maps. IMG_2184This reassured me of what to expect when we reach the town of Lagoa. also I was thankful they had put a photograph of what the front of the church looked like so we could identify it easily. As it happens, all our hard efforts paid off and what a relief when we finally arrived. And what a beautifully architectured church building!

It was at this point that I felt a deep sense of concern for the city of Lago.

Paula Sintra leading the programme

Paula Sintra leading the programme

I wondered, “are the local people engaged in the activities of the church?”, “Are they are there is a church for them here?”, “Are the believers making there presence known”. I later sought to find out how many members live locally.

When we got to the door, we asked for Paula Sintra, (as the Pastor had instructed us to do so by email when I had told him we were coming). The friendly greeter called for her and she came, greeted us and spoke to us in English. It turned out Paula was heavily involved in leading and organising the programme and so she made arrangement for David to translate for us. (He did well).


What a relief when we pulled up and recognised the church. And whet a beautiful looking church.

We were thankful for the warm reception we recieved and very grateful for the many fruitful conversations we had. The Program was beautiful. It was a special programme of prayer and fasting focussing on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Amazing, given that has been our focus this Spring). We were invited to share out testimony, and ended the day with communion, feet-washing, and an agape feast. Just Beautiful. Following our testimony, we got talking to Paulo Cunha Fernandes and his Wife, Maria, and family. It was so helpful the things he was telling us regarding our own struggles. He was showing us referrences in Ellen Whites writings which were helpful to us. All in all the whole experience was superb and we would love to go back. A big thank you to the whole church.


The Fernandes Family listening to Pastor Luis Fonseca

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