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Day 3: Water Park Fun – KeiranSays

20140612_174839After a couple days letting our hair down and enjoying ourselves we arranged to go to one of the local water attractions.

We had to chose between two local water parks or Zoomarine (a family water zoo). When the first water park was closed, we decided to go to the other one: Slide and Splash.

It was good fun, and we stayed there for hours. Whilst there I remembered learning that amusement parks were to be avoided and I began discussing this with Eraina whilst queuing for a next slide. Interestingly, both me and Eraina sustained minor injuries whilst there.


Getting cosy with a Parrot. Our daughters will love it. 


When it came imd to leave, our car wouldn’t start. We tried everything, and nothing worked.  :/

Many prayers went up, and much patience exercised. After an hour of trying, the manager of the complex came out to have a look, and was able to help get the car going (although I believe it was God, because we had experienced the same fault on the day of our purchase 3 days before).

I took this picture below as a memorial of God’s mercy, His grace and His providence.

Day 4 car wont start

‘And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me’ Psalm 50:15



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