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Daniel Blyden – Entertainment



“Does ‘entertainment’ have a place in God’s kingdom?”

“Everything has a ‘Time and Place’… so where does Entertainment fit in?”

Personally, I love a bit of entertainment especially in a social setting involving those I know and love. My discipline is in an industry where the majority of its purpose is built on an obsession with being entertained therefore I understand how our lives can be saturated by entertainment and ‘having fun’ from a very small age. It is a major part of our contemporary culture.

In Christian circles there is always much debate about entertainment.Many use entertainment to escape the demands of life with its stresses, traumas and anxieties. However, some Christians brand theatricals, music and dramas as the devil’s tools distracting us from doing God’s work. Others claim entertainments can be used to glorify God, even spreading the gospel. And still, others believe that secular entertainment is fine, as long as it’s of clean content.

But what does God really think about entertainment? Is there a right time a place or context for entertainment? If so, where and when is it?  What type of entertainment is suitable for the Christian? Click Here to find out what people commented…

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